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Thermonics Low Temp. Chillers - Glossary W

Water Cooled Chiller

Water Cooled Chillers use Water to remove Heat from the system, using Heat Exchangers (typically composed of touching and/or interlocking Conductive Coils and Heat Transfer Fins) to remove the Heat from the condensing Refrigerant and reject the heat to a separate water stream or source such as a Cooling Tower or natural body of water. Generally used for large applications requiring more than two hundred tons of cooling.


Window is a term used in temperature generation to describe the amount of leeway allowed, or degree of accuracy required, above/below the Set Point, in determining whether the system is 'At Temperature'. The 'Window' can be set in the programming of the system to be wider (in °C or °F) or narrower, according to the needs of the application.

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