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Thermonics Low Temp. Chillers - Glossary T

Thermal Engine

Thermal Engine is conceptual term which describes the Cooling Capacity of a particular system, typically expressed in a relationship between the amount of Heat Energy in Watts that needs to be removed from the process, and the operating temperature of the system, i.e. 55W at -55°C, 125W at -40°C.


Thermocouples are temperature sensing probes manufactured of a combination of metal oxides with varying conductive properties, encapsulated in epoxy or glass. Changes in temperature produce proportional changes in resistance, with resistance decreasing as temperature rises. Although RTDs are superior to Thermocouples in accuracy and durability, they are substantially more expensive than Thermocouples, therefore, a cost vs. accuracy/durability consideration is necessssary when choosing which type of temperature sensing device is appropriate for a particular chiller.

Ton (Tonnage)

Tonnage is a way of measuring a particular chiller's ability to cool. A 'ton' of cooling expresses the amount of heat transfer required to melt 1 short ton of pure ice at
0 °C (32 °F) in 24 hours.

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