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Thermonics Low Temp. Chillers - Glossary S


SEMI-S2 is a set of performance-based Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Standards and Guidelines applicable to equipment used to manufacture, measure, assemble and test Semiconductor Products, including the design, manufacture and documentation of state-of-the-art Chiller Equipment. SEMI-S2 is a product of SEMI, a global Electrical Industry Association, and is developed from the consensus of its voting industry-representative and scientific members worldwide. Related standards are SEMI F47 (Line Drop) and Semi S8 (Ergonomics).

Set Point

The desired temperature, Hot, Cold, or Ambient to which a Temperature Generating Device is programmed to Run (achieve). When the system has reached that Set Point, the System is said to be 'At Temperature'.


Soak is a term used in temperature generation to describe the amount of time that a set point is maintained before the system moves on to the next segment of a cycle. This Soak Time can be set in the programming of the system to be longer or shorter, according to the needs of the application.

Split Chiller Systems

The term 'Split Chillers' refers to systems in which some portion of the chiller's system, such as the condenser, is located remotely, apart from the controller cabinet. Split chiller systems are most commonly used in applications in which the load being chilled must be stored separately, as in the beverage and hospitality industries, or where equipment weight and/or footprint are concerns. Split chiller configurations are most commonly found in the air-cooled category. See Packaged Chiller System, above.


Syltherm XLT and Syltherm 800 are Silicone-based Heat Transfer Fluids (See Heat Transfer Fluid) commonly used in Chiller Technology. They have low fouling potential, a Low Freeze Point, and High Temperature Stability and are Non-Corrosive. They have low acute oral toxicity, and are Non-reportable under SARA Title III. Syltherm XLT has a recommended use range from -101°C to 260°C and is ideal for low temperature heat transfer and promotes pump ability. Syltherm 800 is designed for high temperature liquid-phase operation, and has a recommended operating range of -40°C to 400°C.

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