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Thermonics Low Temp. Chillers - Glossary O

Open Loop' and 'Closed Loop' Chillers

The term Closed-Loop Chiller refers to Chillers that are self contained, in that the reservoir, pump, and evaporator are all contained within the chiller, with the coolant continuously recirculating within the unit to remove heat by means of a Heat Transfer Medium. Open Loop Chillers control the temperature of a liquid in a remote open tank (in the case of large Industrial Chillers) or, in the case of Portable Chillers, the temperature of a Process, by continuously recirculating it. The liquid is drawn from the external tank or process, pumped through the Chiller and back to the tank/process. The term Open Loop is also used to refer to cooling systems in which Expendable Cryogenic Coolants such as Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) or Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) must be periodically replenished by the end user.

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