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Thermonics Low Temp. Chillers - Glossary L

LCO2 (Liquid Carbon Dioxide)

Liquid Carbon Dioxide is the Liquid form of Carbon Dioxide Gas; in the Chiller Industry, Liquid Carbon Dioxide is used as a cooling agent.

LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen)

In Chiller technology, LN2 may be utilized to either supplement or replace the traditional Mechanical (Compressor Based) Refrigeration Systems found in most standard chillers.

Load (Heat Load)

Heat Load is a calculated thermal value used to define the amount of cooling power (heat that must be removed) necessary to effectively control the temperature in a defined space in order to meet user requirements. In Chiller technology, the 'Space' is generally a process which is being temperature-controlled.

Looping (Loop)

In Programmed Temperature Control, Looping describes the process of repeating the segments in a Cycle (see Cycle) a designated number of times; each repetition is a 'Loop'.

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