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Thermonics Low Temp. Chillers - Glossary E

EN 61326

EN 61326 is the European Union’s EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standard, determining EMC Emissions and Immunity requirements for electrical equipment operating from a supply, battery or circuit being measured. EN 61326 governs the design of electrical equipment involved in control, laboratory use, measurement and testing, and is therefore an important resource for Chiller manufacturers wishing to export to European countries.


Enthalpy is a measurement of the energy in a thermodynamic system; equal to the internal energy of the system (the energy required to create the system) combined with the effects of pressure and volume; that is, the amount of energy required to make room for the system by displacing its environment and establishing its volume and pressure.


Entropy is an expression of the disorder, or randomness of a system. In Thermodynamics, and discussions of Absolute Zero, it is a measure of the amount of a system's thermal energy per unit of temperature that is unavailable for accomplishing work.


Evaporator is a term ported over from traditional Mechanical Refrigeration, wherein the refrigerant is evaporated by evaporator coils to cool an area, substance or process. In Chiller Technology, the Evaporation process is generally achieved as part of the heat exchange process; as the refrigerant is evaporated in the Heat Exchanger as the Heat Transfer Fluid is cooled (see Heat Exchanger, below).

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