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Gas Chiller Systems - Portable Chillers

Gas Chiller

Chillers for Cooling Nitrogen, Argon, and other Gasses

Thermonics gas chiller systems are designed for cooling gasses (nitrogen, argon) and clean-dry-air (CDA) for a variety of process cooling applications.

The gas chillers can be configured with auto-cascade or cryogenic cooling technologies for low and ultra-low temperature cooling. These highly reliable process chillers are used in aerospace, automotive, defense, semiconductor, and other industries.

Gas chillers can be configured with the following features:

  • Open and closed loop designs
  • No LN2 or LCO2 required
  • Gases: Air, Nitrogen, Argon, Clean-dry-air (CDA)
  • Very fast temperature transitions
  • Standards and Certification Options: IEC 60601-1, IEC 61601-1, SEMI S2, S8, F47, UL, MET, CE, RoHS, ITAR, ISO:9001
  Low Temperature Ultra-low Temperature
Temperature Range -45 to +300°C -60 to +300°C -90 to +300°C -100 to +300°C
Air Flow Output * 4 to 10 scfm 5 scfm 4 to 18 scfm 4 to 12 scfm
Refrigeration System Autocascade Autocascade Autocascade Autocascade
          *Higher capacity systems available on request.

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