Chiller World - Nov. 2013

Chiller World - Nov. 2013

Chiller World - Nov. 2013




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Process Cooling Facts & Updates
November 2013

How-to Guide for Understanding Fluid Chillers

Process cooling is a continuous operation and requires continuous reliability. You won’t have to design a chiller but understanding critical principles may help the next time you have to specify cooling parameters. This chiller tutorial discusses components, their limitations in specific cooling applications, and how they affect overall chiller performance.



Ultra-low Temperature Fluid Chillers
We design and build chillers to meet a wide range of process cooling needs including footprint and heat load. Thermonics offers standard products as well as customized systems ideal for OEMs. More...


Chiller Maintenance Tip

Clean the condenser! Seems easy but is seldom done on a regular basis.

A dirty or dusty condenser is the #1 cause of compressor failure and reduced performance in your air-cooled process chiller. Cleaning the condenser fins every month is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure your chiller operate as it was intended. There are several ways to accomplish this. More...

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