October 2016

Process Chiller Reduces Handler Test Time,
New Chiller Video


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  • Portable chiller system reduces test time
  • Standard chillers video

Portable Chiller Enhances Semiconductor Testing 
Thermonics & MCT Improve Strip Handling Efficiency

The new chiller improves overall equipment efficiency for those customers performing cold testing down to -55ºC. The chiller has been integrated with MCT's SH-5000 Strip Test Handler which is widely used for testing of both leaded and leadless semiconductor packages. By delivering low-temperature process fluid to the handler at a higher cooling capacity, the chiller cuts the handler ramp down time to a -40ºC test point in nearly half the time of previous systems.  

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Standard Chiller Explained: 60-second Video   
Portable process chiller video

Air- and water-cooled portable chillers
The new standard line of portable process chillers employs a high-end universal temperature control unit, including a web-based user interface to monitor chiller status and change set points from a remote device.

About Thermonics
Thermonics, an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, specializes in standard and custom fluid and gas process chillers, for end users and OEMs, rated for ultra-low temperatures. Systems provide precise temperature control and stability with cooling capacity up to 20kW. These systems are supported through a worldwide network of sales and service centers. Thermonics belongs to a family of temperature-related companies under the banner of inTEST Thermal Solutions, the Thermal Products Segment of inTEST Corp, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA.